mandag 20. februar 2017

Syv tegn på en (god) innovatør.

Denne blogposten fra LinkedIn er skrevet av Naomi Simson, en foredragsholder, entreprenør, forfatter, og investor i Shark Tank. Jeg syntes hun fanger mye god lærdom i sine syv punkter om hva som er indikasjoner på om man er en god innovatør.

1. Visionary; do you operate with a sense of purpose knowing the overall direction that you (and your business) are heading. Innovation often comes from connecting a problem to the overall purpose or strategy of the enterprise.

2. Curious; you challenge status quo, how things are done and you ask a lot of questions. “Why” is one of those words that you use regularly. You read a lot, and learn as much as you can – you have a thirst for knowledge.

3. Persistent; if the problem seems hard, or unresolvable, you don’t give in. You are a dog with a bone not wanting to let it up. You ask yourself, “what will it take to fix this thing?” You know that real change takes consistent effort and energy.

4. Adaptable; you might be persistent and stick with things, but you are also listening, learning and adapting. Your way is not the right way – you are gathering other people’s insights, being flexible and open-minded.
5. Risk Taker; you have given up your fear of taking risks and ‘putting yourself’ out there… you know that part of ‘success’ is the ability to fail, pick yourself up and keep going. You learn from your mistakes and you discover the cost, benefit return on failing. You are willing to give it a ‘crack’ repeatedly.

6. Positive; you do believe that the world could be a slightly better place because of the work you do. You want to improve and are continually optimistic about the potential outcomes of your innovation. You are not a perfectionist and know that the world is not perfect, you are able to say ‘this is enough’ to test the concept or produce a minimal viable product (concept) to get in front of others to get their insights.

7. Woo; you have a natural ability to sell in your ideas and bring others with you on the journey. You are strong emotionally and don’t fear rejection – you know that as a trail blazer you will often be out there in front on your own. But you love it, you thrive on bringing other people along the way... you have an ability to woo people (Win Others Over) with your natural enthusiasm for your project.

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